December 10, 2016

Trenton High Director’s Lab

Join Trenton Central High’s Aesthetics Theatre Company at the Mill Hill Playhouse on December 10! These incredible student directors and actors have zany, moving and timely stories to tell.

HIGH SCHOOL REUNION, by Ian McWethy and directed by Pauline Ammons, proves that while high school may only last four years, the desire to outdo high school buddies never fades away.

In Jeffrey Harr’s THE SUPPORT GROUP FROM HELL, directed by Teyani Carmichael, Wendy walks into a teen support group and quickly discovers that the others are anything but typical. Who is Vladimir and why does he speak with a Transylvanian accent? Why does Lucy only speak one word (braiiinnnnssss)? And why does Janet think she’s Batman?

WALLS, by Lindsey Price and directed by Bryanna Martinez-Jimenez, takes an abstract look at generational barriers.