The Tellings of the Trees

Dec 11 - Dec 13, 2015
Friday, December 11 @ 10 AM and 6 PM; Saturday, December 12 @ 6 PM; Sunday, December 13 @ 5 PM
Tickets $12-20. Student and group discounts available.


Once in every other millennium there is a phenomenon in the forest. The ancient ones, the trees, bring with them a message of balance and order. The Onisegun, the owner of medicine and the keeper of the trees, has a challenge. The young warrior Fèyíṣàrá and the Ọba, Ṣango the king, must heed the will of the universe for their village to prosper. Why have the ancient ones now decided to speak? What tellings will the trees have for the village and for you?

The Tellings of the Trees is a play for families and children of all ages. Come out and enjoy an exciting evening of adventure, music, and West African dance. The play features children actors and dancers as young as 4 years old, professional musicians, and a masterful storyteller, along with colorful costumes and much more.