Passage Theatre World Premieres


Salt Pepper Ketchup by Josh Wilder


Caged by the New Jersey Prison Cooperative


Fixed by David Lee White


Song for the Disappeared by Tanya Saracho


Little Rock: An American Play by Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj

Play Lab, Prix Fixe Reading Series:

  • Reveille by Jessica Bedford
  • The Text of Sex by Michele Aldin-Kushner
  • Shorts by Greg Nanni, Strange Dog, June Ballinger, Lisa Huberman

The Goldilocks Zone by Ian August


True Story by EM Lewis
Profiles, created by June Ballinger and David Lee White and members of the Trenton community


Blessed Are by Jessica Bedford
Roundelay by R.N. Sandberg


Slippery as Sin by David Lee White


Blood: A Comedy by David Lee White
Trenton Lights, created by June Ballinger and David Lee White and members of the Trenton community.

Play Lab, Fortune Smiles:

  • The Ask by David Lee White
  • The Ride by James Christy, Jr.
  • Unicycle, Unicycle or This Happy Dream by Ian August
  • Three Cubes and Some Noodles by Hope Gatto
  • The Breakthrough by Paula T. Alekson


Play Lab, FM Radio:

  • Battlefield by Ian August
  • Master of the Universe by Sonya Aronowitz
  • Crazy Crazy On You by Lynne Elson
  • The Infanta by Peter Gruen
  • Can’t Fight This Feelin’ by James Christy, Jr.
  • Too Late For Goodbye by Christopher Kess
  • Ink by Hope Gatto


Play Lab Workshop:

  • Random Horrible Thoughts About Love by David Lee White
  • The Devil’s Music: The Life and Blues of Bessie Smit, by Angelo Parra
  • Pa’s Hat (AEA Workshop) by Cori Thomas

Play Lab, Gallery Plays:

  • Eleanor Descending a Staircase by Ian August, inspired by Marcel Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase
  • Seven in Heaven by Lynne Elson, inspired by René Magritte’s The Lovers
  • The Marvin Party by Sonya Aronowitz, inspired by Patrick Caulfield’s Still Life: Autumn Fashion
  • Back Fire by David Lee White, inspired by René Magritte’s Backfire
  • The End of My Tour by Peter Gruen, inspired by Norman Rockwell’s Homecoming
  • Wednesday is Taco Night by Hope Gatto, inspired by Bill Stoneham’s The Hands Resist Him


Willie B Came Into the Sun by Jean Sterrett


The Afghan Women by William Mastrosimone
In Mahalia’s Light, conceived by Queen Esther Marrow, Roseanne Kirk and Richard Bell


The Book of Candy by Susan Dworkin and Mel Marvin


Blinding Light by William Mastrosimone


Move It and It’s Yours by Bill Weeden, David Finkle and Sally Fay


Three More Gone by Bruce Jacoby


Roebling Steel by Jim McGrath


American Shorts, a collection of short plays commissioned for Passage. Playwrights included William Mastrosimone, Keith Curran, Zina Jasper, Casey Curtti, Donald Margulies, and Donald J. Rothchild.