2019-20 Mainstage Season

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October 10 – 27, 2019

Dauphin Island

Directed by Amina Robinson
When Selwyn’s car breaks down in the middle of the Alabama woods, he is relieved to find Kendra’s home tucked away beneath the trees. Thrown together by circumstance and hiding from painful pasts, both Selwyn and Kendra learn what it means to find acceptance in a stranger.
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November 15 – 17, 2019

Sorta Rican

Miss Angelina is not your typical Latina. She’s half Puerto Rican, half Italian, and totally Americanized. And her Spanish? No bueno. Sorta Rican is her journey of coming to terms with her identity as a Latina. Weaving Hip Hop lyrics, Salsa steps, and Caribbean beats throughout her tale, she learns a ton about Latino culture, but even…
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December 14, 2019

Santaland Diaries

Directed by C. Ryanne Domingues
David Lee White
Join us as David Lee White returns to our stage for one-night only for this mini fundraising event. Based on an autobiographical essay by David Sedaris, the Santaland Diaries is a wry and witty comedy about the combination of retail hell and theatrical spectacle that is the holiday season.
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March 20 – 22, 2020

Mother (and Me)

Written and Performed by Melinda Buckley
Mother (and me) is the story of a larger than life Hungarian Mama Rose who’s slowly waltzing into dementia, as her Broadway baby, Melinda shimmies into middle age. An outrageous one-woman show about stepping up and tapping into your own light. 
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April 30 – May 17, 2020

A Twist of Water

Directed by Michael Osinski
Noah, a widowed history teacher, struggles to find hope in the wake of his husband’s death. When their adopted daughter Jira decides that she wants to seek out her birth mother, Noah and Jira are forced to reexamine both their own identities and their relationship to each other. Set against the backdrop of Chicago, this poignant play…