November 21 - 24, 2020

Welcome to Matteson!

Directed by Andrew Binger
$10 per attendee

A suburban couple hosts a welcome-to-the-neighborhood dinner party for their new neighbors — a couple recently (forcibly) relocated from Chicago’s roughest housing project — and it’s anything but welcoming. A dark intra-racial comedy about reverse gentrification and how we deal with the “other” when the other looks just like us.

All pre-recorded video will be accessible any time from 7pm on November 22 until 11:59pm on November 24.

Artist Interview
To learn about an online interview with Welcome to Matteson! playwright Inda Craig-Galván, click here.

Passage Postscript
For educators who are interested in their students viewing the online reading of Welcome to Matteson! our study guide, known as Passage Postscript, will be available here on October 13, 2020.


November 21, 20207:00pmLive Online at 7pm with talkback to followGet Tickets
November 22, 20207:00pmPre-RecordedGet Tickets
November 23, 20203:00pmPre-RecordedGet Tickets
November 23, 20207:00pmPre-RecordedGet Tickets
November 24, 20203:00pmPre-RecordedGet Tickets
November 24, 20207:00pmPre-RecordedGet Tickets