September 27 - October 14, 2018

Salt Pepper Ketchup

Directed by Jerrell L. Henderson

A layer of bulletproof glass won’t protect Superstar Chinese Take-Out owners from the gentrification consuming the Point Breeze neighborhood in South Philly. When a trendy food co-op opens nearby, the Wus and their customers initially see it as a hipster annoyance, but as tensions mount they begin to recognize the intrusion as an act of war. Tinged with genuine humor and pathos, Wilder’s play examines the very human consequences of neighborhood redevelopment — who benefits and who gets chewed up and spit out?

A co-production with InterAct Theatre Company.

Press Coverage:
Simon Saltzman, U.S. 1
Patrick Jones, Trenton Daily
Ted Otten, The Times of Trenton
Simon Saltzman, Trenton Downtowner
John Timpane, Philadelphia Inquirer
Donald Sanborn III, Town Topics
Neal Zoren, U.S. 1
Allen Neuner, Out in Jersey



Justin Pietropaolo, Fenton Li, and Chuja Seo
Kendra Holloway, Fenton Li, and Justin PietropaoloJaron C. Battle, Richard Bradford, and Mark Christie
Jaron C. Battle, Richard Bradford, and Mark Christie
Fenton Li and Richard Bradford

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