August 28, 2021


$10 per attendee

In this new musical, six women from vastly different worlds come together to battle the great equalizer: addiction. At a time when the opioid crisis continues to build, and sexual assault and trauma have risen to the forefront of our country’s consciousness, Group! explores the terrifying, desperate and often funny journey toward women’s mental health and sobriety. Who will make it? Who will fall off of the proverbial wagon? And what happens when brutal budget cuts threaten the very place they’ve come to for healing?

Scheduled to premiere as a full production in May of 2022.

PlayLab Preview
Our online PlayLab Preview videos take viewers through the process of how each show is created. A link will be available soon, so please check back for updates!

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Artist Interviews
To learn about online interviews with Group! artists Aleksandra M. Weil and Eloise Govedare, click here.

Passage Postscript
For educators who are interested in bring their classes to the live reading of Group!, our study guide, known as Passage Postscript, will be available here shortly.