May 14 - 31, 2015

The Goldilocks Zone

Directed by Damon Bonetti

Franny and Andy will do anything to have a baby.  But Franny can’t conceive, Andy’s gay, and they haven’t told their partners.  A Craigslist ad causes worlds to collide in this playful and moving look at parenthood and modern families.

Founding Passage Playwrights Lab member Ian August (author of 2010’s Solo Flights hit Donna Orbits the Moon), teams up with True Story director Damon Bonetti this spring!

Press Coverage:
Neal Zoren, U.S. 1
Debra Miller, Phindie
Neal Zoren, U.S. 1


Dan Domingues, Jessica DalCanton, Trent Blanton, and Andy Phelan
Trent Blanton, Andy Phelan, and Jessica DalCanton
Andy Phelan and Dan Domingues