December 12 - 15, 2020

Christmas 2.0

Directed by Michelle Tattenbaum
Mini Fundraiser: Tickets are $25 per attendee

An Online Staged Reading. All Angela wants is a happy Christmas–or a more exciting life–but her daughter’s left for college, her husband’s obsessed with fantasy football, the plumbing’s a mess, and her cat won’t stop peeing where he shouldn’t. When an old friend gives her some tricky advice that leads her down a path of old memories and flip phones past, Angela must decide between the warmth of nostalgia and her new, more tech-savvy world.

All pre-recorded video will be accessible any time from 7pm on December 13 until 11:59pm on December 15

Passage Postscript
For educators who are interested in their students viewing the online reading of Christmas 2.0, our study guide, known as Passage Postscript, will be available here on November 9, 2020.


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