Dauphin Island

Passage Theatre Review: ‘Dauphin Island’ By Neal Zoren

U.S. 1 October 16, 2019

...knowing what’s coming does not preclude Chastang’s play from being enjoyable. On the contrary, awareness of the paradigm provides a chance to relax and see how deftly Chastang weaves his ordinary tale, how director Amina Robinson keeps it involving, and how Patterson and Hannah endow their characters with reality and honesty that makes them compelling to watch and interesting to listen to.   Read Review

A Divorced Father Meets a Stranger on the Way to “Dauphin Island”; Passage Theatre Succeeds with Edgy, Bittersweet Romantic Comedy

Town Topics October 16, 2019

Passage Theatre is opening its season with an outstanding production of Dauphin Island. Jeffry Chastang’s bittersweet romantic comedy depicts an unlikely relationship between Kendra Evans, a cancer survivor who lives in seclusion in the piney woods of Wilcox County, Alabama; and Selwyn Tate, an injured stranger who stops at her house, on the way to start a new job.   Read Review

Passage Theatre offers perfect seats for people-watching 'Dauphin Island' cast By L.A. Parker

The Trentonian October 15, 2019

...everyone should observe the Jeffrey Chastang play directed by Amina Robinson. An opening-night Saturday performance attracted a packed house for a play that allows fish-tank perspectives for audience members.   Read Review