New Work Development and Script Submissions

Sometimes when we develop new work, a playwright brings us a script that already has a completed first draft. We then help to further develop the piece.

Current Project

Silueta pictures
Silueta workshop

Passage is currently working on a new musical with music by Aleksandra M. Weil, lyrics by Eloise Govedare, and a book by Erlina Ortiz.

Inspired by the life and work of Cuban-American performance artist, Ana Mendieta, this new musical follows the unlikely friendship of two women who were ripped from their roots and planted in New York City. Quiet, conservative Xiomara and eccentric activist Ishtar aren’t a roommate match made in heaven. But in 2016, as the Cuba embargo lifts and anti-immigrant sentiment boils over, nothing is as it seems. Plagued by the ghosts of their pasts, Xiomara and Ishtar struggle to find meaning, laughter, and family away from home.

Stay tuned for more information on this exciting show and its development!

Submission Policy

Passage Theatre is no longer accepting unsolicited submissions. As a small regional theatre, we have limited resources and believe that this policy will best serve our mission to collaborate with a diverse group of artists within our community and maximize the support we are able to provide. Through our Play Lab program, we are actively exploring ways to cultivate relationships with new playwrights connected to the greater Trenton area.

We are so grateful for the interest in Passage Theatre and wish we had the resources to serve an unlimited number of writers. For agents who have scripts by writers living within the greater Trenton Area (New Jersey, Philadelphia and New York City) please contact Artistic Director, Ryanne Domingues at with submissions.