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Passage Theatre was founded by McCarter staff members in 1985. Under the joint leadership of Artistic Directors Emily Mann and June Ballinger, the two institutions have formed a deep, multi-faceted collaboration that helps both institutions. This unique partnership was recognized by the NJ Theater Alliance with a 2013 Applause Award.

Passage’s Director in Residence, Adam Immerwahr, began his relationship with Passage following his Directing Internship at McCarter. Over the years he has directed many mainstage productions at Passage. Now he is Associate Artistic Director of McCarter, and a mainstage director on the McCarter Stage as well. Directing at Passage allowed him to develop his craft close to home, while Passage benefited from gaining access to an astonishingly talented young artist early in his career who was originally recruited into the area by McCarter.

This model has been extended to many of the skilled jobs of theater production, from casting to design to technical theater, to the benefit of both institutions.

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