Community Partners

The College of New Jersey - Passage and the College of New Jersey are partners in planning the Trenton Old Town Arts District. [>More]
DanceSpora - Since 2010, DanceSpora has been Passage Theatre’s resident dance company at the Mill Hill Playhouse. [>More]
Egun Omode Shule (The Garvey School) - The Garvey School/Egun Omode Shule is a K-12, African-centered Trenton-based Charter School. Passage's education program has worked with the school for many years. [>More]
Isles - Isles is Passage's principal partner in planning the Old Town Trenton Arts District. [>More]
Kidsbridge - Kidsbridge provides imaginative, hands-on programs focusing on anti-bullying and tolerance. [>More]
McCarter Theatre - Under the joint leadership of Artistic Directors Emily Mann and June Ballinger, McCarter and Passage have formed a deep, multi-faceted collaboration that helps both institutions. This unique partnership was recognized by the NJ Theater Alliance with a 2013 Applause Award. [>More]
Rider University - Rider University's theater program is an ongoing source of young talent for Passage, while Passage, in turn, provides multiple opportunities for professional development to Rider students. [>More]
City of Trenton - Since Passage's founding in 1985, the City of Trenton has been a steadfast supporter. The Mill Hill Playhouse, Passage's home venue, is owned and operated by city. [>More]
Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (Task) - The Soup Kitchen and Passage cooperate on a number of levels, including adult education programs and audience development. [>More]
Trenton Downtown Association - TDA keeps the streets of the downtown business district clean, maintains Mill Hill Park, and works to attract new businesses to Trenton. [>More]
Trenton Film Society - The Trenton Film society uses the Mill Hill Playhouse as its principal venue for screenings and Passage Passport members qualify for discounted admission to TFS events. [>More]
Trenton High School - Trenton High School, and Trenton Public Schools, have hosted many of Passage's Education programs over the years [>More]

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